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 *  Copyright 1996-2000 by
 *  David Turner, Robert Wilhelm, and Werner Lemberg.
 *  Copyright 2006  Behdad Esfahbod
 *  This is part of HarfBuzz, an OpenType Layout engine library.
 *  See the file name COPYING for licensing information.

#include "harfbuzz-open.h"
#include "harfbuzz-gsub-private.h"
#include "harfbuzz-gpos-private.h"


struct  HB_SubTable_
    HB_GSUB_SubTable  gsub;
    HB_GPOS_SubTable  gpos;
  } st;

FT_Error  _HB_OPEN_Load_ScriptList( HB_ScriptList*  sl,
                     FT_Stream     stream );
FT_Error  _HB_OPEN_Load_FeatureList( HB_FeatureList*  fl,
                      FT_Stream         input );
FT_Error  _HB_OPEN_Load_LookupList( HB_LookupList*  ll,
                     FT_Stream        input,
                     HB_Type         type );

FT_Error  _HB_OPEN_Load_Coverage( HB_Coverage*  c,
                   FT_Stream      input );
FT_Error  _HB_OPEN_Load_ClassDefinition( HB_ClassDefinition*  cd,
                        FT_UShort             limit,
                        FT_Stream             input );
FT_Error  _HB_OPEN_Load_EmptyClassDefinition( HB_ClassDefinition*  cd,
                             FT_Stream             input );
FT_Error  _HB_OPEN_Load_Device( HB_Device*  d,
                   FT_Stream    input );

void  _HB_OPEN_Free_ScriptList( HB_ScriptList*  sl, 
                   FT_Memory        memory );
void  _HB_OPEN_Free_FeatureList( HB_FeatureList*  fl,
                  FT_Memory         memory );
void  _HB_OPEN_Free_LookupList( HB_LookupList*  ll,
                   HB_Type         type,
                   FT_Memory        memory );

void  _HB_OPEN_Free_Coverage( HB_Coverage*  c,
                 FT_Memory      memory );
void  _HB_OPEN_Free_ClassDefinition( HB_ClassDefinition*  cd,
                      FT_Memory             memory );
void  _HB_OPEN_Free_Device( HB_Device*  d,
               FT_Memory    memory );

FT_Error  _HB_OPEN_Coverage_Index( HB_Coverage*  c,
                    FT_UShort      glyphID,
                    FT_UShort*     index );
FT_Error  _HB_OPEN_Get_Class( HB_ClassDefinition*  cd,
                 FT_UShort             glyphID,
                 FT_UShort*            class,
                 FT_UShort*            index );
FT_Error  _HB_OPEN_Get_Device( HB_Device*  d,
                  FT_UShort    size,
                  FT_Short*    value );



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