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** Copyright (C) 1992-2008 Trolltech ASA. All rights reserved.
** This file is part of the Qt Assistant of the Qt Toolkit.
** This file may be used under the terms of the GNU General Public
** License versions 2.0 or 3.0 as published by the Free Software
** Foundation and appearing in the files LICENSE.GPL2 and LICENSE.GPL3
** included in the packaging of this file.  Alternatively you may (at
** your option) use any later version of the GNU General Public
** License if such license has been publicly approved by Trolltech ASA
** (or its successors, if any) and the KDE Free Qt Foundation. In
** addition, as a special exception, Trolltech gives you certain
** additional rights. These rights are described in the Trolltech GPL
** Exception version 1.1, which can be found at
** http://www.trolltech.com/products/qt/gplexception/ and in the file
** GPL_EXCEPTION.txt in this package.
** Please review the following information to ensure GNU General
** Public Licensing requirements will be met:
** http://trolltech.com/products/qt/licenses/licensing/opensource/. If
** you are unsure which license is appropriate for your use, please
** review the following information:
** http://trolltech.com/products/qt/licenses/licensing/licensingoverview
** or contact the sales department at sales@trolltech.com.
** In addition, as a special exception, Trolltech, as the sole
** copyright holder for Qt Designer, grants users of the Qt/Eclipse
** Integration plug-in the right for the Qt/Eclipse Integration to
** link to functionality provided by Qt Designer and its related
** libraries.
** This file is provided "AS IS" with NO WARRANTY OF ANY KIND,
** A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. Trolltech reserves all rights not expressly
** granted herein.
** This file is provided AS IS with NO WARRANTY OF ANY KIND, INCLUDING THE

#ifndef CONFIG_H
#define CONFIG_H

#include "profile.h"

#include <QString>
#include <QStringList>
#include <QPixmap>
#include <QMap>

#include <QtGui/QFont>
#include <QtGui/QFontDatabase>

class Profile;

struct FontSettings
    FontSettings() : useWindowFont(false), useBrowserFont(false),
        windowWritingSystem(QFontDatabase::Latin), browserWritingSystem(QFontDatabase::Latin)
        { }

    QFont windowFont;
    QFont browserFont;

    bool useWindowFont;
    bool useBrowserFont;

    QFontDatabase::WritingSystem windowWritingSystem;
    QFontDatabase::WritingSystem browserWritingSystem;

class Config


    void load();
    void save();
    Profile *profile() const { return profil; }
    QString profileName() const { return profil->props[QLatin1String("name")]; }
    bool validProfileName() const;
    void hideSideBar( bool b );
    bool sideBarHidden() const;
    QStringList mimePaths();

    // From profile, read only
    QStringList docFiles() const;
    QStringList docTitles() const;
    QString indexPage( const QString &title ) const;
    QString docImageDir( const QString &title ) const;
    QPixmap docIcon( const QString &title ) const;

    QStringList profiles() const;
    QString title() const;
    QString aboutApplicationMenuText() const;
    QString aboutURL() const;
    QPixmap applicationIcon() const;

    // From QSettings, read / write
    QString homePage() const;
    void setHomePage( const QString &hom ) { home = hom; }

    QStringList source() const;
    void setSource( const QStringList &s ) { src = s; }

    int sideBarPage() const { return sideBar; }
    void setSideBarPage( int sbp ) { sideBar = sbp; }

    QByteArray windowGeometry() const { return winGeometry; }
    void setWindowGeometry( const QByteArray &geometry ) { winGeometry = geometry; }
    QByteArray mainWindowState() const { return mainWinState; }
    void setMainWindowState( const QByteArray &state ) { mainWinState = state; }

    qreal fontPointSize() const { return pointFntSize; }
    void setFontPointSize(qreal size)
        pointFntSize = size;
        m_fontSettings.useBrowserFont = true;

    FontSettings fontSettings() { return m_fontSettings; }
    void setFontSettings(const FontSettings &settings) { m_fontSettings = settings; }

    QString assistantDocPath() const;

    bool docRebuild() const { return rebuildDocs; }
    void setDocRebuild( bool rb ) { rebuildDocs = rb; }

    void saveProfile( Profile *profile );
    void loadDefaultProfile();
    bool defaultProfileExists();

    static Config *configuration();
    static Config *loadConfig(const QString &profileFileName);

    Config( const Config &c );
    Config& operator=( const Config &c );

    void saveSettings();
    Profile *profil;

    QStringList profileNames;
    QString home;
    QStringList src;
    QByteArray mainWinState;
    QByteArray winGeometry;
    qreal pointFntSize;
    int sideBar;
    bool hideSidebar;
    bool rebuildDocs;
    FontSettings m_fontSettings;

#endif // CONFIG_H

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