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bool QWidget::isActiveWindow [read, inherited]

whether this widget's window is the active window

The active window is the window that contains the widget that has keyboard focus (The window may still have focus if it has no widgets or none of its widgets accepts keyboard focus).

When popup windows are visible, this property is true for both the active window and for the popup.

See also:
activateWindow(), QApplication::activeWindow()

Definition at line 173 of file qwidget.h.

Referenced by QApplication::alert(), QTextEdit::changeEvent(), Q3ListBox::changeEvent(), Q3IconView::changeEvent(), QAbstractSpinBox::changeEvent(), Q3ListView::changeEvent(), Q3SpinWidget::changeEvent(), Q3TextEdit::changeEvent(), QTreeView::drawBranches(), QWindowsVistaStyle::drawComplexControl(), QWindowsXPStyle::drawComplexControl(), Q3DockWindow::event(), QItemDelegate::eventFilter(), QStyleOption::init(), QMenu::initStyleOption(), QTabBar::initStyleOption(), Q3CheckListItem::paintCell(), QHeaderView::paintSection(), QApplication::setActiveWindow(), QWidget::setFocus(), QDialog::setVisible(), QAccessibleWidget::state(), and QAccessibleTabBar::state().

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