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QList< QTextLayout::FormatRange > QTextLayout::additionalFormats (  )  const

Returns the list of additional formats supported by the text layout.

See also:
setAdditionalFormats(), clearAdditionalFormats()

Definition at line 544 of file qtextlayout.cpp.

    QList<FormatRange> formats;
    if (!d->specialData)
        return formats;

    formats = d->specialData->addFormats;

    if (d->specialData->addFormatIndices.isEmpty())
        return formats;

    const QTextFormatCollection *collection = d->formats();

    for (int i = 0; i < d->specialData->addFormatIndices.count(); ++i)
        formats[i].format = collection->charFormat(d->specialData->addFormatIndices.at(i));

    return formats;

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