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void QSyntaxHighlighter::setDocument ( QTextDocument doc  ) 

Installs the syntax highlighter on the given QTextDocument doc. A QSyntaxHighlighter can only be used with one document at a time.

Definition at line 368 of file qsyntaxhighlighter.cpp.

References QTextCursor::beginEditBlock(), QObject::connect(), QObject::disconnect(), QTextCursor::endEditBlock(), and QTimer::singleShot.

Referenced by QSyntaxHighlighter(), and ~QSyntaxHighlighter().

    if (d->doc) {
        disconnect(d->doc, SIGNAL(contentsChange(int,int,int)),
                   this, SLOT(_q_reformatBlocks(int,int,int)));

        QTextCursor cursor(d->doc);
        for (QTextBlock blk = d->doc->begin(); blk.isValid(); blk = blk.next())
    d->doc = doc;
    if (d->doc) {
        connect(d->doc, SIGNAL(contentsChange(int,int,int)),
                this, SLOT(_q_reformatBlocks(int,int,int)));
        QTimer::singleShot(0, this, SLOT(_q_delayedRehighlight()));
        d->rehighlightPending = true;

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