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QPixmap QStyle::standardPixmap ( StandardPixmap  standardPixmap,
const QStyleOption option = 0,
const QWidget widget = 0 
) const [pure virtual]

Returns a pixmap for the given standardPixmap.

A standard pixmap is a pixmap that can follow some existing GUI style or guideline. The option argument can be used to pass extra information required when defining the appropriate pixmap. The widget argument is optional and can also be used to aid the determination of the pixmap.

Developers calling standardPixmap() should instead call standardIcon() Developers who re-implemented standardPixmap() should instead re-implement the slot standardIconImplementation().

See also:

Implemented in QCleanlooksStyle, QCommonStyle, QMotifStyle, QPlastiqueStyle, QWindowsStyle, QWindowsVistaStyle, and QWindowsXPStyle.

Referenced by standardIconImplementation().

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