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QRect QStyle::subControlRect ( ComplexControl  control,
const QStyleOptionComplex option,
SubControl  subControl,
const QWidget widget = 0 
) const [pure virtual]

Returns the rectangle containing the specified subControl of the given complex control (with the style specified by option). The rectangle is defined in screen coordinates.

The option argument is a pointer to QStyleOptionComplex or one of its subclasses, and can be cast to the appropriate type using the qstyleoption_cast() function. See drawComplexControl() for details. The widget is optional and can contain additional information for the function.

See also:

Implemented in QCleanlooksStyle, QCommonStyle, QMotifStyle, QPlastiqueStyle, QWindowsVistaStyle, and QWindowsXPStyle.

Referenced by QGroupBox::event(), Q3GroupBox::event(), Q3ComboBox::eventFilter(), QGroupBox::focusInEvent(), QAbstractSpinBox::minimumSizeHint(), QScrollBar::mouseMoveEvent(), QMdiSubWindow::mouseMoveEvent(), QGroupBox::mousePressEvent(), QScrollBar::mousePressEvent(), QSlider::mousePressEvent(), QToolButton::mousePressEvent(), Q3ComboBox::mousePressEvent(), Q3ComboTableItem::paint(), QMdiSubWindow::paintEvent(), Q3ComboBox::paintEvent(), Q3SpinWidget::paintEvent(), Q3ComboBox::popup(), QAccessibleSlider::rect(), QAccessibleComboBox::rect(), QAccessibleScrollBar::rect(), QAbstractSpinBox::sizeHint(), and QDateTimeEdit::sizeHint().

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