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bool QPainterPath::isEmpty (  )  const [inline]

Returns true if there are no elements in this path, otherwise returns false.

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Definition at line 332 of file qpainterpath.h.

Referenced by addPath(), boundingRect(), closeSubpath(), QGraphicsItem::collidesWithPath(), connectPath(), contains(), controlPointRect(), QRasterPaintEngine::drawPath(), QPaintEngine::drawRects(), QPaintEngine::drawTextItem(), fillRule(), intersected(), intersects(), length(), Q3PointArray::makeArc(), QTransform::map(), QMatrix::map(), percentAtLength(), pointAtPercent(), subtracted(), toReversed(), toSubpathPolygons(), and united().

    return !d_ptr || (d_ptr->elements.size() == 1 && d_ptr->elements.first().type == MoveToElement);

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