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void QPainterPath::connectPath ( const QPainterPath path  ) 

Connects the given path to this path by adding a line from the last element of this path to the first element of the given path.

See also:
addPath(), {QPainterPath::Composing a QPainterPath}{Composing a QPainterPath}

Definition at line 1218 of file qpainterpath.cpp.

References d_func(), and isEmpty().

    if (other.isEmpty())


    QPainterPathData *d = reinterpret_cast<QPainterPathData *>(d_func());
    // Remove last moveto so we don't get multiple moveto's
    if (d->elements.last().type == MoveToElement)

    // Locate where our own current subpath will start after the other path is added.
    int cStart = d->elements.size() + other.d_func()->cStart;
    int first = d->elements.size();
    d->elements += other.d_func()->elements;

    d->elements[first].type = LineToElement;
    if (cStart != first)
        d->cStart = cStart;

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