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void QObject::removeEventFilter ( QObject obj  )  [inherited]

Removes an event filter object obj from this object. The request is ignored if such an event filter has not been installed.

All event filters for this object are automatically removed when this object is destroyed.

It is always safe to remove an event filter, even during event filter activation (i.e. from the eventFilter() function).

See also:
installEventFilter(), eventFilter(), event()

Definition at line 2084 of file qobject.cpp.

Referenced by Q3ScrollView::addChild(), Q3Table::clearCellWidget(), QDataWidgetMapper::clearMapping(), QAbstractItemView::closeEditor(), QAbstractItemView::commitData(), QScrollArea::event(), Q3DockArea::eventFilter(), Q3DockArea::removeDockWindow(), Q3MainWindow::removeDockWindow(), QDataWidgetMapper::removeMapping(), QtWindowListMenu::removeWindow(), QPlastiqueStyle::unpolish(), QWindowsStyle::unpolish(), and QMotifStyle::unpolish().

    QWriteLocker locker(QObjectPrivate::readWriteLock());

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