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void QCoreApplication::postEvent ( QObject receiver,
QEvent event 
) [static]

Adds the event event, with the object receiver as the receiver of the event, to an event queue and returns immediately.

The event must be allocated on the heap since the post event queue will take ownership of the event and delete it once it has been posted. It is {not safe} to modify or delete the event after it has been posted.

When control returns to the main event loop, all events that are stored in the queue will be sent using the notify() function.

Events are processed in the order posted. For more control over the processing order, use the postEvent() overload below, which takes a priority argument. This function posts all event with a Qt::NormalEventPriority.

See also:
sendEvent(), notify(), sendPostedEvents()

Definition at line 847 of file qcoreapplication.cpp.

Referenced by QObject::deleteLater(), QApplication::event(), Q3ListView::eventFilter(), QMetaObject::invokeMethod(), QDirModel::setData(), Q3Wizard::setFont(), Q3DockWindow::setOrientation(), QWidget::setParent(), Q3MainWindow::triggerLayout(), and QLayout::update().

    postEvent(receiver, event, Qt::NormalEventPriority);

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