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void QCoreApplication::removeTranslator ( QTranslator translationFile  )  [static]

Removes the translation file translationFile from the list of translation files used by this application. (It does not delete the translation file from the file system.)

See also:
installTranslator() translate(), QObject::tr()

Definition at line 1399 of file qcoreapplication.cpp.

References sendEvent().

Referenced by QTranslator::~QTranslator().

    if (!translationFile)
    if (!QCoreApplicationPrivate::checkInstance("removeTranslator"))
    QCoreApplicationPrivate *d = self->d_func();
    if (d->translators.removeAll(translationFile) && !self->closingDown()) {
        QEvent ev(QEvent::LanguageChange);
        QCoreApplication::sendEvent(self, &ev);

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