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QString Q3TextBrowser::source [read, write]

the name of the displayed document.

This is a an empty string if no document is displayed or if the source is unknown.

Setting this property uses the mimeSourceFactory() to lookup the named document. It also checks for optional anchors and scrolls the document accordingly.

If the first tag in the document is {<qt type="detail>">}, the document is displayed as a popup rather than as new document in the browser window itself. Otherwise, the document is displayed normally in the text browser with the text set to the contents of the named document with setText().

If you are using the filesystem access capabilities of the mime source factory, you must ensure that the factory knows about the encoding of specified files; otherwise no data will be available. The default factory handles a couple of common file extensions such as *.html and *.txt with reasonable defaults. See Q3MimeSourceFactory::data() for details.

Definition at line 62 of file q3textbrowser.h.

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