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Q3GList Class Reference

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Detailed Description

The Q3GList class is an internal class for implementing Qt collection classes.

For internal use only.

Q3GList is a strictly internal class that acts as a base class for several collection classes; Q3PtrList, Q3PtrQueue and Q3PtrStack.

Q3GList has some virtual functions that can be reimplemented to customize the subclasses, namely compareItems(), read() and write. Normally, you do not have to reimplement any of these functions. If you still want to reimplement them, see the QStrList class (qstrlist.h) for an example.

Definition at line 69 of file q3glist.h.

Public Types

typedef void * Item

Public Member Functions

bool autoDelete () const
uint count () const
QDataStreamread (QDataStream &)
void setAutoDelete (bool enable)
QDataStreamwrite (QDataStream &) const

Protected Member Functions

void append (Q3PtrCollection::Item)
int at () const
Q3PtrCollection::Item at (uint index)
Q3LNodebegin () const
Q3PtrCollection::Item cfirst () const
Q3PtrCollection::Item clast () const
void clear ()
virtual int compareItems (Q3PtrCollection::Item, Q3PtrCollection::Item)
uint contains (Q3PtrCollection::Item) const
uint containsRef (Q3PtrCollection::Item) const
Q3LNodecurrentNode () const
virtual void deleteItem (Item)=0
Q3LNodeend () const
Q3LNodeerase (Q3LNode *it)
int find (Q3PtrCollection::Item, bool=true)
int findRef (Q3PtrCollection::Item, bool=true)
Q3PtrCollection::Item first ()
Q3PtrCollection::Item get () const
bool insertAt (uint index, Q3PtrCollection::Item)
void inSort (Q3PtrCollection::Item)
Q3PtrCollection::Item last ()
virtual Item newItem (Item)
Q3PtrCollection::Item next ()
Q3GListoperator= (const Q3GList &)
bool operator== (const Q3GList &) const
Q3PtrCollection::Item prev ()
 Q3GList (const Q3GList &)
 Q3GList ()
virtual QDataStreamread (QDataStream &, Q3PtrCollection::Item &)
void relinkNode (Q3LNode *)
bool remove (Q3PtrCollection::Item=0)
bool removeAt (uint)
bool removeFirst ()
bool removeLast ()
bool removeNode (Q3LNode *)
bool removeRef (Q3PtrCollection::Item=0)
bool replaceAt (uint, Q3PtrCollection::Item)
void sort ()
Q3PtrCollection::Item take ()
Q3PtrCollection::Item takeAt (uint index)
Q3PtrCollection::Item takeFirst ()
Q3PtrCollection::Item takeLast ()
Q3PtrCollection::Item takeNode (Q3LNode *)
void toVector (Q3GVector *) const
virtual QDataStreamwrite (QDataStream &, Q3PtrCollection::Item) const
virtual ~Q3GList ()

Protected Attributes

bool del_item

Private Member Functions

void heapSortPushDown (Q3PtrCollection::Item *heap, int first, int last)
Q3LNodelocate (uint)
void prepend (Q3PtrCollection::Item)
Q3LNodeunlink ()

Private Attributes

int curIndex
Q3GListIteratorList * iterators
uint numNodes


class Q3GListIterator
class Q3GListIteratorList
class Q3GVector

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