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Q3GCacheIterator Class Reference

Inherited by Q3AsciiCacheIterator< type >, Q3CacheIterator< type >, and Q3IntCacheIterator< type >.

List of all members.

Detailed Description

The Q3GCacheIterator class is an internal class for implementing Q3CacheIterator and QIntCacheIterator.

For internal use only.

Q3GCacheIterator is a strictly internal class that does the heavy work for Q3CacheIterator and QIntCacheIterator.

Definition at line 104 of file q3gcache.h.

Protected Member Functions

bool atFirst () const
bool atLast () const
uint count () const
Q3PtrCollection::Item get () const
const char * getKeyAscii () const
long getKeyInt () const
QString getKeyString () const
Q3PtrCollection::Item operator() ()
Q3PtrCollection::Item operator++ ()
Q3PtrCollection::Item operator+= (uint)
Q3PtrCollection::Item operator-- ()
Q3PtrCollection::Item operator-= (uint)
Q3GCacheIteratoroperator= (const Q3GCacheIterator &)
 Q3GCacheIterator (const Q3GCacheIterator &)
 Q3GCacheIterator (const Q3GCache &)
Q3PtrCollection::Item toFirst ()
Q3PtrCollection::Item toLast ()
 ~Q3GCacheIterator ()

Protected Attributes

Q3CListIt * it

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