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QSize QWidget::minimumSizeHint [read, inherited]

the recommended minimum size for the widget

If the value of this property is an invalid size, no minimum size is recommended.

The default implementation of minimumSizeHint() returns an invalid size if there is no layout for this widget, and returns the layout's minimum size otherwise. Most built-in widgets reimplement minimumSizeHint().

QLayout will never resize a widget to a size smaller than the minimum size hint unless minimumSize() is set or the size policy is set to QSizePolicy::Ignore. If minimumSize() is set, the minimum size hint will be ignored.

See also:
QSize::isValid(), resize(), setMinimumSize(), sizePolicy()

Definition at line 178 of file qwidget.h.

Referenced by QX11EmbedContainer::minimumSizeHint(), Q3WidgetStack::minimumSizeHint(), QGroupBox::minimumSizeHint(), QDialog::minimumSizeHint(), QSizeGrip::mouseMoveEvent(), and QWidgetItem::sizeHint().

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