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QMessageBox::StandardButton QMessageBox::information ( QWidget parent,
const QString title,
const QString text,
StandardButtons  buttons = Ok,
StandardButton  defaultButton = NoButton 
) [static]

Opens an information message box with the title title and the text text. The standard buttons buttons is added to the message box. defaultButton specifies the button be used as the defaultButton. If the defaultButton is set to QMessageBox::NoButton, QMessageBox picks a suitable default automatically.

Returns the identity of the standard button that was activated. If Esc was pressed, returns the {Default and Escape Keys}{escape button} (if any).

If parent is 0, the message box becomes an application-global modal dialog box. If parent is a widget, the message box becomes modal relative to parent.

See also:
question(), warning(), critical()

Definition at line 1344 of file qmessagebox.cpp.

Referenced by Q3DataManager::confirmCancel(), Q3DataManager::confirmEdit(), and Q3FileDialog::done().

    return showNewMessageBox(parent, Information, title, text, buttons,

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