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** Copyright (C) 1992-2007 Trolltech ASA. All rights reserved.
** This file is part of the Qt Designer of the Qt Toolkit.
** This file may be used under the terms of the GNU General Public
** License version 2.0 as published by the Free Software Foundation
** and appearing in the file LICENSE.GPL included in the packaging of
** this file.  Please review the following information to ensure GNU
** General Public Licensing requirements will be met:
** http://www.trolltech.com/products/qt/opensource.html
** If you are unsure which license is appropriate for your use, please
** review the following information:
** http://www.trolltech.com/products/qt/licensing.html or contact the
** sales department at sales@trolltech.com.
** This file is provided AS IS with NO WARRANTY OF ANY KIND, INCLUDING THE


#include <QtDesigner/uilib_global.h>

#include <QtCore/QList>
#include <QtCore/QHash>
#include <QtCore/QDir>

#include <QtGui/QSizePolicy>
#include <QtGui/QPalette>

#if 0
// pragma for syncqt, don't remove.

#pragma qt_class(QAbstractFormBuilder)

class QAction;
class QActionGroup;
class QComboBox;
class QIODevice;
class QIcon;
class QLayout;
class QLayoutItem;
class QListWidget;
class QObject;
class QSpacerItem;
class QTreeWidget;
class QTableWidget;
class QVariant;
class QWidget;

namespace QFormInternal

class DomAction;
class DomActionGroup;
class DomActionRef;
class DomBrush;
class DomColorGroup;
class DomConnections;
class DomCustomWidgets;
class DomLayout;
class DomLayoutItem;
class DomProperty;
class DomResources;
class DomSpacer;
class DomString;
class DomTabStops;
class DomUI;
class DomWidget;

00080 class QDESIGNER_UILIB_EXPORT QAbstractFormBuilder
    virtual ~QAbstractFormBuilder();

    QDir workingDirectory() const;
    void setWorkingDirectory(const QDir &directory);

    virtual QWidget *load(QIODevice *dev, QWidget *parentWidget=0);
    virtual void save(QIODevice *dev, QWidget *widget);

// load
    virtual void loadExtraInfo(DomWidget *ui_widget, QWidget *widget, QWidget *parentWidget);

    virtual QWidget *create(DomUI *ui, QWidget *parentWidget);
    virtual QWidget *create(DomWidget *ui_widget, QWidget *parentWidget);
    virtual QLayout *create(DomLayout *ui_layout, QLayout *layout, QWidget *parentWidget);
    virtual QLayoutItem *create(DomLayoutItem *ui_layoutItem, QLayout *layout, QWidget *parentWidget);

    virtual QAction *create(DomAction *ui_action, QObject *parent);
    virtual QActionGroup *create(DomActionGroup *ui_action_group, QObject *parent);
    virtual void addMenuAction(QAction *action);

    virtual void applyProperties(QObject *o, const QList<DomProperty*> &properties);
    virtual void applyTabStops(QWidget *widget, DomTabStops *tabStops);

    virtual QWidget *createWidget(const QString &widgetName, QWidget *parentWidget, const QString &name);
    virtual QLayout *createLayout(const QString &layoutName, QObject *parent, const QString &name);
    virtual QAction *createAction(QObject *parent, const QString &name);
    virtual QActionGroup *createActionGroup(QObject *parent, const QString &name);

00115     virtual void createCustomWidgets(DomCustomWidgets *) {}
00116     virtual void createConnections(DomConnections *, QWidget *) {}
00117     virtual void createResources(DomResources*) {}

    virtual bool addItem(DomLayoutItem *ui_item, QLayoutItem *item, QLayout *layout);
    virtual bool addItem(DomWidget *ui_widget, QWidget *widget, QWidget *parentWidget);

// save
    virtual void saveExtraInfo(QWidget *widget, DomWidget *ui_widget, DomWidget *ui_parentWidget);

    virtual void saveDom(DomUI *ui, QWidget *widget);

    virtual DomActionRef *createActionRefDom(QAction *action);

    virtual DomWidget *createDom(QWidget *widget, DomWidget *ui_parentWidget, bool recursive = true);
    virtual DomLayout *createDom(QLayout *layout, DomLayout *ui_layout, DomWidget *ui_parentWidget);
    virtual DomLayoutItem *createDom(QLayoutItem *item, DomLayout *ui_parentLayout, DomWidget *ui_parentWidget);
    virtual DomSpacer *createDom(QSpacerItem *spacer, DomLayout *ui_parentLayout, DomWidget *ui_parentWidget);

    virtual DomAction *createDom(QAction *action);
    virtual DomActionGroup *createDom(QActionGroup *actionGroup);

    virtual DomConnections *saveConnections();
    virtual DomCustomWidgets *saveCustomWidgets();
    virtual DomTabStops *saveTabStops();
    virtual DomResources *saveResources();
    virtual QList<DomProperty*> computeProperties(QObject *obj);
    virtual bool checkProperty(QObject *obj, const QString &prop) const;
    virtual DomProperty *createProperty(QObject *object, const QString &propertyName, const QVariant &value);

    virtual void layoutInfo(DomLayout *layout, QObject *parent, int *margin, int *spacing);

    virtual QIcon nameToIcon(const QString &filePath, const QString &qrcPath);
    virtual QString iconToFilePath(const QIcon &pm) const;
    virtual QString iconToQrcPath(const QIcon &pm) const;
    virtual QPixmap nameToPixmap(const QString &filePath, const QString &qrcPath);
    virtual QString pixmapToFilePath(const QPixmap &pm) const;
    virtual QString pixmapToQrcPath(const QPixmap &pm) const;

    void loadListWidgetExtraInfo(DomWidget *ui_widget, QListWidget *listWidget, QWidget *parentWidget);
    void loadTreeWidgetExtraInfo(DomWidget *ui_widget, QTreeWidget *treeWidget, QWidget *parentWidget);
    void loadTableWidgetExtraInfo(DomWidget *ui_widget, QTableWidget *tableWidget, QWidget *parentWidget);
    void loadComboBoxExtraInfo(DomWidget *ui_widget, QComboBox *comboBox, QWidget *parentWidget);

    void saveListWidgetExtraInfo(QListWidget *widget, DomWidget *ui_widget, DomWidget *ui_parentWidget);
    void saveTreeWidgetExtraInfo(QTreeWidget *treeWidget, DomWidget *ui_widget, DomWidget *ui_parentWidget);
    void saveTableWidgetExtraInfo(QTableWidget *tablWidget, DomWidget *ui_widget, DomWidget *ui_parentWidget);
    void saveComboBoxExtraInfo(QComboBox *widget, DomWidget *ui_widget, DomWidget *ui_parentWidget);

// utils
    QVariant toVariant(const QMetaObject *meta, DomProperty *property);
    static bool toBool(const QString &str);
    static QString toString(const DomString *str);
    static QHash<QString, DomProperty*> propertyMap(const QList<DomProperty*> &properties);

    void setupColorGroup(QPalette &palette, QPalette::ColorGroup colorGroup, DomColorGroup *group);
    DomColorGroup *saveColorGroup(const QPalette &palette);
    QBrush setupBrush(DomBrush *brush);
    DomBrush *saveBrush(const QBrush &brush);

    void reset();

    QHash<QObject*, bool> m_laidout;
    QHash<QString, QAction*> m_actions;
    QHash<QString, QActionGroup*> m_actionGroups;
    int m_defaultMargin;
    int m_defaultSpacing;
    QDir m_workingDirectory;

    QAbstractFormBuilder(const QAbstractFormBuilder &other);
    void operator = (const QAbstractFormBuilder &other);




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