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qdesigner_internal::Layout::Layout ( const QList< QWidget * > &  wl,
QWidget p,
QDesignerFormWindowInterface fw,
QWidget lb,
bool  splitter = false 

p specifies the parent of the layoutBase lb. The parent might be changed in setup(). If the layoutBase is a container, the parent and the layoutBase are the same. Also they always have to be a widget known to the designer (e.g. in the case of the tabwidget parent and layoutBase are the tabwidget and not the page which actually gets laid out. For actual usage the correct widget is found later by Layout.)

Definition at line 107 of file layout.cpp.

References QWidget::geometry.

    : m_widgets(wl), m_parentWidget(p), formWindow(fw), isBreak(false), useSplitter(splitter)
    layoutBase = lb;
    if (layoutBase)
        oldGeometry = layoutBase->geometry();

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