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void QWidget::resizeEvent ( QResizeEvent  )  [protected, virtual]

This event handler can be reimplemented in a subclass to receive widget resize events which are passed in the event parameter. When resizeEvent() is called, the widget already has its new geometry. The old size is accessible through QResizeEvent::oldSize().

The widget will be erased and receive a paint event immediately after processing the resize event. No drawing need be (or should be) done inside this handler.

See also:
moveEvent(), event(), resize(), QResizeEvent, paintEvent(), {Scribble Example}

Reimplemented in QDialog, QMessageBox, QProgressDialog, QGraphicsView, QAbstractItemView, QListView, QX11EmbedWidget, QX11EmbedContainer, QAbstractScrollArea, QAbstractSpinBox, QCalendarWidget, QComboBox, QDial, QGroupBox, QMenuBar, QRubberBand, QScrollArea, QSplitter, QStatusBar, QTabBar, QTabWidget, QTextEdit, QToolBar, QWorkspace, QGLWidget, Q3FileDialog, Q3ProgressDialog, Q3TabDialog, Q3IconView, Q3ListBox, Q3ListView, Q3DataTable, Q3TextEdit, Q3ComboBox, Q3DateEdit, Q3TimeEdit, Q3DateTimeEdit, Q3DockWindow, Q3Frame, Q3GroupBox, Q3Header, Q3SpinWidget, Q3ScrollView, Q3ToolBar, and Q3WidgetStack.

Definition at line 6491 of file qwidget.cpp.

Referenced by event(), Q3Header::resizeEvent(), QDial::resizeEvent(), QCalendarWidget::resizeEvent(), Q3ComboBox::resizeEvent(), QAbstractSpinBox::resizeEvent(), QStatusBar::resizeEvent(), QTabWidget::resizeEvent(), QGroupBox::resizeEvent(), QToolBar::resizeEvent(), and QX11EmbedWidget::resizeEvent().


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