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Qt::FocusPolicy QWidget::focusPolicy [read, write, inherited]

the way the widget accepts keyboard focus

The policy is Qt::TabFocus if the widget accepts keyboard focus by tabbing, Qt::ClickFocus if the widget accepts focus by clicking, Qt::StrongFocus if it accepts both, and Qt::NoFocus (the default) if it does not accept focus at all.

You must enable keyboard focus for a widget if it processes keyboard events. This is normally done from the widget's constructor. For instance, the QLineEdit constructor calls setFocusPolicy(Qt::StrongFocus).

See also:
focusInEvent(), focusOutEvent(), keyPressEvent(), keyReleaseEvent(), enabled

Definition at line 153 of file qwidget.h.

Referenced by QAccessibleToolButton::actionCount(), QAbstractButton::animateClick(), QAbstractButton::event(), QLabel::event(), QGroupBox::focusInEvent(), QWidget::focusInEvent(), QWidget::focusOutEvent(), QDialog::keyPressEvent(), QApplication::notify(), Q3WidgetStack::raiseWidget(), QWidget::setTabOrder(), QDialog::setVisible(), QAccessibleWidget::state(), QAccessibleTabBar::state(), QAccessibleIconView::state(), QAccessibleListView::state(), and QAccessibleListBox::state().

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