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QPalette::ColorRole QWidget::backgroundRole (  )  const [inherited]

Returns the background role of the widget.

The background role defines the brush from the widget's palette that is used to render the background.

If no explicit background role is set, the widget inherts its parent widget's background role.

See also:
setBackgroundRole(), foregroundRole()

Definition at line 3468 of file qwidget.cpp.

References QWidget::isWindow(), QWidget::parentWidget(), and QWidget::windowType().

Referenced by QCleanlooksStyle::drawComplexControl(), QPlastiqueStyle::drawComplexControl(), QWindowsXPStyle::drawComplexControl(), QPlastiqueStyle::drawControl(), QCleanlooksStyle::drawControl(), QPlastiqueStyle::drawPrimitive(), QWidget::foregroundRole(), QPainter::initFrom(), Q3ListBox::paintCell(), Q3CheckListItem::paintCell(), Q3ListViewItem::paintCell(), QGraphicsView::paintEvent(), QGLWidget::setContext(), and Q3ListBox::viewportPaintEvent().


    const QWidget *w = this;
    do {
        QPalette::ColorRole role = w->d_func()->bg_role;
        if (role != QPalette::NoRole)
            return role;
        if (w->isWindow() || w->windowType() == Qt::SubWindow)
        w = w->parentWidget();
    } while (w);
    return QPalette::Window;

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