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void QWhatsThis::showText ( const QPoint pos,
const QString text,
QWidget w = 0 
) [static]

Shows text as a "What's This?" window, at global position pos. The optional widget argument, w, is used to determine the appropriate screen on multi-head systems.

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Definition at line 714 of file qwhatsthis.cpp.

References leaveWhatsThisMode(), QPoint::x(), and QPoint::y().

Referenced by Q3WhatsThis::display(), QTabBar::event(), QShortcut::event(), QWidget::event(), Q3WhatsThis::eventFilter(), Q3WhatsThis::leaveWhatsThisMode(), QMenuBar::mousePressEvent(), QAbstractItemView::viewportEvent(), and QHeaderView::viewportEvent().

    QWhatsThisPrivate::say(w, text, pos.x(), pos.y());

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