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template<typename T>
void QVector< T >::resize ( int  size  )  [inline]

Sets the size of the vector to size. If size is greater than the current size, elements are added to the end; the new elements are initialized with a {default-constructed value}. If size is less than the current size, elements are removed from the end.

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Definition at line 273 of file qvector.h.

References QVector< T >::size().

Referenced by Q3CanvasEllipse::areaPoints(), Q3CanvasItem::chunks(), QWindowsStyle::drawComplexControl(), QMotifStyle::drawComplexControl(), QMotifStyle::drawPrimitive(), QVector< T >::fill(), QVector< T >::operator>>(), QStack< T >::pop(), QDBusMetaType::registerMarshallOperators(), QMetaType::registerType(), QAccessibleListBox::selection(), QAccessibleListView::selection(), QAccessibleIconView::selection(), Q3CanvasSpline::setControlPoints(), QTreeWidgetItem::setData(), QPainterPath::toFillPolygons(), and QString::toUcs4().

{ realloc(asize, (asize > d->alloc || (asize < d->size && asize < (d->alloc >> 1))) ?
          QVectorData::grow(sizeof(Data), asize, sizeof(T), QTypeInfo<T>::isStatic)
          : d->alloc); }

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