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int & QSize::rwidth (  )  [inline]

Returns a reference to the width.

Using a reference makes it possible to manipulate the width directly. For example:

        QSize size(100, 10);
        size.rwidth() += 20;

        // size becomes (120,10)

See also:
rheight(), setWidth()

Definition at line 119 of file qsize.h.

Referenced by QItemDelegate::doLayout(), QAbstractScrollArea::maximumViewportSize(), QLabel::minimumSizeHint(), Q3WidgetStack::minimumSizeHint(), QSizeGrip::mouseMoveEvent(), operator>>(), QHeaderView::sectionSizeFromContents(), QMotifStyle::sizeFromContents(), QPlastiqueStyle::sizeFromContents(), Q3WidgetStack::sizeHint(), and QMenu::sizeHint().

{ return wd; }

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