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bool QByteArray::isEmpty (  )  const [inline]

Returns true if the byte array has size 0; otherwise returns false.


        QByteArray().isEmpty();         // returns true
        QByteArray("").isEmpty();       // returns true
        QByteArray("abc").isEmpty();    // returns false

See also:

Definition at line 334 of file qbytearray.h.

Referenced by QTextCodec::codecForName(), Q3ImageDrag::decode(), QBitArray::isEmpty(), Q3Process::launch(), operator!=(), operator==(), Q3TextEdit::pasteSpecial(), QMainWindow::restoreState(), Q3FileDialog::setDir(), QItemDelegate::setEditorData(), Q3UriDrag::setFileNames(), QItemDelegate::setModelData(), QUrl::setQueryItems(), QUrl::toPercentEncoding(), and QMetaEnum::valueToKeys().

{ return d->size == 0; }

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