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void Q3ScrollView::drawContents ( QPainter p,
int  clipx,
int  clipy,
int  clipw,
int  cliph 
) [protected, virtual]

Reimplement this function if you are viewing a drawing area rather than a widget.

The function should draw the rectangle (clipx, clipy, clipw, cliph) of the contents using painter p. The clip rectangle is in the scrollview's coordinates.

For example:

        // Fill a 40000 by 50000 rectangle at (100000,150000)

        // Calculate the coordinates...
        int x1 = 100000, y1 = 150000;
        int x2 = x1+40000-1, y2 = y1+50000-1;

        // Clip the coordinates so X/Windows will not have problems...
        if (x1 < clipx) x1=clipx;
        if (y1 < clipy) y1=clipy;
        if (x2 > clipx+clipw-1) x2=clipx+clipw-1;
        if (y2 > clipy+cliph-1) y2=clipy+cliph-1;

        // Paint using the small coordinates...
        if (x2 >= x1 && y2 >= y1)
            p->fillRect(x1, y1, x2-x1+1, y2-y1+1, red);

The clip rectangle and translation of the painter p is already set appropriately.

Reimplemented in Q3CanvasView, Q3IconView, Q3Table, Q3DataTable, Q3TextEdit, and Q3GridView.

Definition at line 2352 of file q3scrollview.cpp.

Referenced by drawContentsOffset().


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