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Q3CheckTableItem Class Reference

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Detailed Description

The Q3CheckTableItem class provides checkboxes in Q3Tables.

A Q3CheckTableItem is a table item which looks and behaves like a checkbox. The advantage of using Q3CheckTableItems rather than real checkboxes is that a Q3CheckTableItem uses far less resources than a real checkbox would in a {Q3Table}. When the cell has the focus it displays a real checkbox which the user can interact with. When the cell does not have the focus the cell looks like a checkbox. Pixmaps may not be used in Q3CheckTableItems.

Q3CheckTableItem items have the edit type WhenCurrent (see {EditType}).

To change the checkbox's label use setText(). The checkbox can be checked and unchecked with setChecked() and its state retrieved using isChecked().

To populate a table cell with a Q3CheckTableItem use Q3Table::setItem().

Q3CheckTableItems can be distinguished from {Q3TableItem}s and {Q3ComboTableItem}s using their Run Time Type Identification (rtti) value.

qtableitems.png Table Items

See also:
rtti() EditType Q3ComboTableItem Q3TableItem QCheckBox

Definition at line 188 of file q3table.h.

Public Types

enum  EditType { Never, OnTyping, WhenCurrent, Always }

Public Member Functions

virtual int alignment () const
int col () const
int colSpan () const
virtual QWidgetcreateEditor () const
EditType editType () const
bool isChecked () const
bool isEnabled () const
bool isReplaceable () const
virtual QString key () const
virtual void paint (QPainter *p, const QColorGroup &cg, const QRect &cr, bool selected)
virtual QPixmap pixmap () const
 Q3CheckTableItem (Q3Table *table, const QString &txt)
int row () const
int rowSpan () const
int rtti () const
virtual void setChecked (bool b)
virtual void setCol (int c)
virtual void setContentFromEditor (QWidget *w)
virtual void setEnabled (bool b)
virtual void setPixmap (const QPixmap &p)
virtual void setReplaceable (bool)
virtual void setRow (int r)
virtual void setSpan (int rs, int cs)
void setText (const QString &t)
virtual void setWordWrap (bool b)
QSize sizeHint () const
Q3Tabletable () const
virtual QString text () const
void updateEditor (int oldRow, int oldCol)
bool wordWrap () const

Static Public Attributes

static int RTTI = 2

Private Attributes

bool checked

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