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void QWidget::setTabOrder ( QWidget first,
QWidget second 
) [static, inherited]

Moves the second widget around the ring of focus widgets so that keyboard focus moves from the first widget to the second widget when the Tab key is pressed.

Note that since the tab order of the second widget is changed, you should order a chain like this:

        setTabOrder(a, b); // a to b
        setTabOrder(b, c); // a to b to c
        setTabOrder(c, d); // a to b to c to d

not like this:

        // WRONG
        setTabOrder(c, d); // c to d
        setTabOrder(a, b); // a to b AND c to d
        setTabOrder(b, c); // a to b to c, but not c to d

If first or second has a focus proxy, setTabOrder() correctly substitutes the proxy.

See also:
setFocusPolicy(), setFocusProxy(), {Keyboard Focus}

Definition at line 4266 of file qwidget.cpp.

References QList< T >::at(), QWidget::focusPolicy, QWidget::focusProxy(), QList< T >::size(), and QWidget::window().

Referenced by QAbstractFormBuilder::applyTabStops(), Q3FileDialog::init(), and Q3TabDialog::setSizes().

    if (!first || !second || first->focusPolicy() == Qt::NoFocus || second->focusPolicy() == Qt::NoFocus)

    QWidget *fp = first->focusProxy();
    if (fp) {
        // If first is redirected, set first to the last child of first
        // that can take keyboard focus so that second is inserted after
        // that last child, and the focus order within first is (more
        // likely to be) preserved.
        QList<QWidget *> l = qFindChildren<QWidget *>(first);
        for (int i = l.size()-1; i >= 0; --i) {
            QWidget * next = l.at(i);
            if (next->window() == fp->window()) {
                fp = next;
                if (fp->focusPolicy() != Qt::NoFocus)
        first = fp;

    if (QWidget *sp = second->focusProxy())
        second = sp;

//    QWidget *fp = first->d_func()->focus_prev;
    QWidget *fn = first->d_func()->focus_next;

    if (fn == second)

    QWidget *sp = second->d_func()->focus_prev;
    QWidget *sn = second->d_func()->focus_next;

    fn->d_func()->focus_prev = second;
    first->d_func()->focus_next = second;

    second->d_func()->focus_next = fn;
    second->d_func()->focus_prev = first;

    sp->d_func()->focus_next = sn;
    sn->d_func()->focus_prev = sp;

    Q_ASSERT(first->d_func()->focus_next->d_func()->focus_prev == first);
    Q_ASSERT(first->d_func()->focus_prev->d_func()->focus_next == first);

    Q_ASSERT(second->d_func()->focus_next->d_func()->focus_prev == second);
    Q_ASSERT(second->d_func()->focus_prev->d_func()->focus_next == second);

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