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** Copyright (C) 1992-2006 Trolltech AS. All rights reserved.
** This file is part of the QtGui module of the Qt Toolkit.
** This file may be used under the terms of the GNU General Public
** License version 2.0 as published by the Free Software Foundation
** and appearing in the file LICENSE.GPL included in the packaging of
** this file.  Please review the following information to ensure GNU
** General Public Licensing requirements will be met:
** http://www.trolltech.com/products/qt/opensource.html
** If you are unsure which license is appropriate for your use, please
** review the following information:
** http://www.trolltech.com/products/qt/licensing.html or contact the
** sales department at sales@trolltech.com.
** This file is provided AS IS with NO WARRANTY OF ANY KIND, INCLUDING THE

#ifndef QWIDGET_H
#define QWIDGET_H

#include <QtGui/qwindowdefs.h>
#include <QtCore/qobject.h>
#include <QtGui/qpaintdevice.h>
#include <QtGui/qpalette.h>
#include <QtGui/qfont.h>
#include <QtGui/qfontmetrics.h>
#include <QtGui/qfontinfo.h>
#include <QtGui/qsizepolicy.h>
#include <QtGui/qregion.h>
#include <QtGui/qbrush.h>
#include <QtGui/qcursor.h>
#include <QtGui/qkeysequence.h>

#include <QtGui/qevent.h>


class QLayout;
class QWSRegionManager;
class QStyle;
class QAction;
class QVariant;

class QActionEvent;
class QMouseEvent;
class QWheelEvent;
class QHoverEvent;
class QKeyEvent;
class QFocusEvent;
class QPaintEvent;
class QMoveEvent;
class QResizeEvent;
class QCloseEvent;
class QContextMenuEvent;
class QInputMethodEvent;
class QTabletEvent;
class QDragEnterEvent;
class QDragMoveEvent;
class QDragLeaveEvent;
class QDropEvent;
class QShowEvent;
class QHideEvent;
class QInputContext;
class QIcon;
#if defined(Q_WS_X11)
class QX11Info;

class QWidgetData
    WId winid;
    uint widget_attributes;
    Qt::WindowFlags window_flags;
    uint window_state : 4;
    uint focus_policy : 4;
    uint sizehint_forced :1;
    uint is_closing :1;
    uint in_show : 1;
    uint in_set_window_state : 1;
    mutable uint fstrut_dirty : 1;
    uint context_menu_policy : 3;
    uint window_modality : 2;
    uint unused : 14;
    QRect crect;
    mutable QPalette pal;
    QFont fnt;
#if defined(Q_WS_QWS)
//    QRegion req_region;                 // Requested region
//     mutable QRegion paintable_region;   // Paintable region
//     mutable bool paintable_region_dirty;// needs to be recalculated
//     mutable QRegion alloc_region;       // Allocated region
//     mutable bool alloc_region_dirty;    // needs to be recalculated
//     mutable int overlapping_children;   // Handle overlapping children

    int alloc_region_index;
//    int alloc_region_revision;
    QRect wrect;

class QWidgetPrivate;

00112 class Q_GUI_EXPORT QWidget : public QObject, public QPaintDevice

00117     Q_PROPERTY(bool modal READ isModal)
00118     Q_PROPERTY(Qt::WindowModality windowModality READ windowModality WRITE setWindowModality)
00119     Q_PROPERTY(bool enabled READ isEnabled WRITE setEnabled)
00120     Q_PROPERTY(QRect geometry READ geometry WRITE setGeometry)
00121     Q_PROPERTY(QRect frameGeometry READ frameGeometry)
00122     Q_PROPERTY(QRect normalGeometry READ normalGeometry)
00123     Q_PROPERTY(int x READ x)
00124     Q_PROPERTY(int y READ y)
00125     Q_PROPERTY(QPoint pos READ pos WRITE move DESIGNABLE false STORED false)
00126     Q_PROPERTY(QSize frameSize READ frameSize)
00127     Q_PROPERTY(QSize size READ size WRITE resize DESIGNABLE false STORED false)
00128     Q_PROPERTY(int width READ width)
00129     Q_PROPERTY(int height READ height)
00130     Q_PROPERTY(QRect rect READ rect)
00131     Q_PROPERTY(QRect childrenRect READ childrenRect)
00132     Q_PROPERTY(QRegion childrenRegion READ childrenRegion)
00133     Q_PROPERTY(QSizePolicy sizePolicy READ sizePolicy WRITE setSizePolicy)
00134     Q_PROPERTY(QSize minimumSize READ minimumSize WRITE setMinimumSize)
00135     Q_PROPERTY(QSize maximumSize READ maximumSize WRITE setMaximumSize)
00136     Q_PROPERTY(int minimumWidth READ minimumWidth WRITE setMinimumWidth STORED false DESIGNABLE false)
00137     Q_PROPERTY(int minimumHeight READ minimumHeight WRITE setMinimumHeight STORED false DESIGNABLE false)
00138     Q_PROPERTY(int maximumWidth READ maximumWidth WRITE setMaximumWidth STORED false DESIGNABLE false)
00139     Q_PROPERTY(int maximumHeight READ maximumHeight WRITE setMaximumHeight STORED false DESIGNABLE false)
00140     Q_PROPERTY(QSize sizeIncrement READ sizeIncrement WRITE setSizeIncrement)
00141     Q_PROPERTY(QSize baseSize READ baseSize WRITE setBaseSize)
00142     Q_PROPERTY(QPalette palette READ palette WRITE setPalette)
00143     Q_PROPERTY(QFont font READ font WRITE setFont)
#ifndef QT_NO_CURSOR
00145     Q_PROPERTY(QCursor cursor READ cursor WRITE setCursor RESET unsetCursor)
00147     Q_PROPERTY(bool mouseTracking READ hasMouseTracking WRITE setMouseTracking)
00148     Q_PROPERTY(bool isActiveWindow READ isActiveWindow)
00149     Q_PROPERTY(Qt::FocusPolicy focusPolicy READ focusPolicy WRITE setFocusPolicy)
00150     Q_PROPERTY(bool focus READ hasFocus)
00151     Q_PROPERTY(Qt::ContextMenuPolicy contextMenuPolicy READ contextMenuPolicy WRITE setContextMenuPolicy)
00152     Q_PROPERTY(bool updatesEnabled READ updatesEnabled WRITE setUpdatesEnabled DESIGNABLE false)
00153     Q_PROPERTY(bool visible READ isVisible WRITE setVisible DESIGNABLE false)
00154     Q_PROPERTY(bool minimized READ isMinimized)
00155     Q_PROPERTY(bool maximized READ isMaximized)
00156     Q_PROPERTY(bool fullScreen READ isFullScreen)
00157     Q_PROPERTY(QSize sizeHint READ sizeHint)
00158     Q_PROPERTY(QSize minimumSizeHint READ minimumSizeHint)
00159     Q_PROPERTY(bool acceptDrops READ acceptDrops WRITE setAcceptDrops)
00160     Q_PROPERTY(QString windowTitle READ windowTitle WRITE setWindowTitle DESIGNABLE isWindow)
00161     Q_PROPERTY(QIcon windowIcon READ windowIcon WRITE setWindowIcon DESIGNABLE isWindow)
00162     Q_PROPERTY(QString windowIconText READ windowIconText WRITE setWindowIconText DESIGNABLE isWindow)
00163     Q_PROPERTY(double windowOpacity READ windowOpacity WRITE setWindowOpacity DESIGNABLE false)
00164     Q_PROPERTY(bool windowModified READ isWindowModified WRITE setWindowModified DESIGNABLE isWindow)
00166     Q_PROPERTY(QString toolTip READ toolTip WRITE setToolTip)
00169     Q_PROPERTY(QString statusTip READ statusTip WRITE setStatusTip)
00172     Q_PROPERTY(QString whatsThis READ whatsThis WRITE setWhatsThis)
00175     Q_PROPERTY(QString accessibleName READ accessibleName WRITE setAccessibleName)
00176     Q_PROPERTY(QString accessibleDescription READ accessibleDescription WRITE setAccessibleDescription)
00178     Q_PROPERTY(Qt::LayoutDirection layoutDirection READ layoutDirection WRITE setLayoutDirection RESET unsetLayoutDirection)
    QDOC_PROPERTY(Qt::WindowFlags windowFlags READ windowFlags WRITE setWindowFlags)
00180     Q_PROPERTY(bool autoFillBackground READ autoFillBackground WRITE setAutoFillBackground)

    explicit QWidget(QWidget* parent = 0, Qt::WFlags f = 0);
#ifdef QT3_SUPPORT
    QT3_SUPPORT_CONSTRUCTOR QWidget(QWidget* parent, const char *name, Qt::WFlags f = 0);

    int devType() const;

    WId winId() const;
    // GUI style setting
    QStyle *style() const;
    void setStyle(QStyle *);
    // Widget types and states

    bool isTopLevel() const;
    bool isWindow() const;

    bool isModal() const;
    Qt::WindowModality windowModality() const;
    void setWindowModality(Qt::WindowModality windowModality);

    bool isEnabled() const;
    bool isEnabledTo(QWidget*) const;
    bool isEnabledToTLW() const;

public Q_SLOTS:
    void setEnabled(bool);
    void setDisabled(bool);
    void setWindowModified(bool);

    // Widget coordinates

    QRect frameGeometry() const;
    const QRect &geometry() const;
    QRect normalGeometry() const;

    int x() const;
    int y() const;
    QPoint pos() const;
    QSize frameSize() const;
    QSize size() const;
    inline int width() const;
    inline int height() const;
    inline QRect rect() const;
    QRect childrenRect() const;
    QRegion childrenRegion() const;

    QSize minimumSize() const;
    QSize maximumSize() const;
    int minimumWidth() const;
    int minimumHeight() const;
    int maximumWidth() const;
    int maximumHeight() const;
    void setMinimumSize(const QSize &);
    void setMinimumSize(int minw, int minh);
    void setMaximumSize(const QSize &);
    void setMaximumSize(int maxw, int maxh);
    void setMinimumWidth(int minw);
    void setMinimumHeight(int minh);
    void setMaximumWidth(int maxw);
    void setMaximumHeight(int maxh);

    QSize sizeIncrement() const;
    void setSizeIncrement(const QSize &);
    void setSizeIncrement(int w, int h);
    QSize baseSize() const;
    void setBaseSize(const QSize &);
    void setBaseSize(int basew, int baseh);

    void setFixedSize(const QSize &);
    void setFixedSize(int w, int h);
    void setFixedWidth(int w);
    void setFixedHeight(int h);

    // Widget coordinate mapping

    QPoint mapToGlobal(const QPoint &) const;
    QPoint mapFromGlobal(const QPoint &) const;
    QPoint mapToParent(const QPoint &) const;
    QPoint mapFromParent(const QPoint &) const;
    QPoint mapTo(QWidget *, const QPoint &) const;
    QPoint mapFrom(QWidget *, const QPoint &) const;

    QWidget *window() const;
00268     inline QWidget *topLevelWidget() const { return window(); }

    // Widget appearance functions
    const QPalette &palette() const;
    void setPalette(const QPalette &);

    void setBackgroundRole(QPalette::ColorRole);
    QPalette::ColorRole backgroundRole() const;

    void setForegroundRole(QPalette::ColorRole);
    QPalette::ColorRole foregroundRole() const;

    const QFont &font() const;
    void setFont(const QFont &);
    QFontMetrics fontMetrics() const;
    QFontInfo fontInfo() const;

#ifndef QT_NO_CURSOR
    QCursor cursor() const;
    void setCursor(const QCursor &);
    void unsetCursor();

    void setMouseTracking(bool enable);
    bool hasMouseTracking() const;
    bool underMouse() const;

    void setMask(const QBitmap &);
    void setMask(const QRegion &);
    QRegion mask() const;
    void clearMask();

    void setWindowTitle(const QString &);
    QString windowTitle() const;
    void setWindowIcon(const QIcon &icon);
    QIcon windowIcon() const;
    void setWindowIconText(const QString &);
    QString windowIconText() const;
    void setWindowRole(const QString &);
    QString windowRole() const;

    void setWindowOpacity(qreal level);
    qreal windowOpacity() const;

    bool isWindowModified() const;
    void setToolTip(const QString &);
    QString toolTip() const;
    void setStatusTip(const QString &);
    QString statusTip() const;
    void setWhatsThis(const QString &);
    QString whatsThis() const;
    QString accessibleName() const;
    void setAccessibleName(const QString &name);
    QString accessibleDescription() const;
    void setAccessibleDescription(const QString &description);

    void setLayoutDirection(Qt::LayoutDirection direction);
    Qt::LayoutDirection layoutDirection() const;
    void unsetLayoutDirection();

00336     inline bool isRightToLeft() const { return layoutDirection() == Qt::RightToLeft; }
00337     inline bool isLeftToRight() const { return layoutDirection() == Qt::LeftToRight; }

public Q_SLOTS:
00340     inline void setFocus() { setFocus(Qt::OtherFocusReason); }

    bool isActiveWindow() const;
    void activateWindow();
    void clearFocus();

    void setFocus(Qt::FocusReason reason);
    Qt::FocusPolicy focusPolicy() const;
    void setFocusPolicy(Qt::FocusPolicy policy);
    bool hasFocus() const;
    static void setTabOrder(QWidget *, QWidget *);
    void setFocusProxy(QWidget *);
    QWidget *focusProxy() const;
    Qt::ContextMenuPolicy contextMenuPolicy() const;
    void setContextMenuPolicy(Qt::ContextMenuPolicy policy);

    // Grab functions
    void grabMouse();
#ifndef QT_NO_CURSOR
    void grabMouse(const QCursor &);
    void releaseMouse();
    void grabKeyboard();
    void releaseKeyboard();
    int grabShortcut(const QKeySequence &key, Qt::ShortcutContext context = Qt::WindowShortcut);
    void releaseShortcut(int id);
    void setShortcutEnabled(int id, bool enable = true);
    static QWidget *mouseGrabber();
    static QWidget *keyboardGrabber();

    // Update/refresh functions
    inline bool updatesEnabled() const;
    void setUpdatesEnabled(bool enable);

#if 0 //def Q_WS_QWS
    void repaintUnclipped(const QRegion &, bool erase = true);

public Q_SLOTS:
    void update();
    void repaint();

    inline void update(int x, int y, int w, int h);
    void update(const QRect&);
    void update(const QRegion&);

    void repaint(int x, int y, int w, int h);
    void repaint(const QRect &);
    void repaint(const QRegion &);

public Q_SLOTS:
    // Widget management functions

    virtual void setVisible(bool visible);
00398     inline void setHidden(bool hidden) { setVisible(!hidden); }
00399     inline void show() { setVisible(true); }
00400     inline void hide() { setVisible(false); }
00401     inline QT_MOC_COMPAT void setShown(bool shown) { setVisible(shown); }

    void showMinimized();
    void showMaximized();
    void showFullScreen();
    void showNormal();

    bool close();
    void raise();
    void lower();

    void stackUnder(QWidget*);
    void move(int x, int y);
    void move(const QPoint &);
    void resize(int w, int h);
    void resize(const QSize &);
    inline void setGeometry(int x, int y, int w, int h);
    void setGeometry(const QRect &);
    void adjustSize();
    bool isVisible() const;
    bool isVisibleTo(QWidget*) const;
    inline bool isHidden() const;

    bool isMinimized() const;
    bool isMaximized() const;
    bool isFullScreen() const;

    Qt::WindowStates windowState() const;
    void setWindowState(Qt::WindowStates state);
    void overrideWindowState(Qt::WindowStates state);

    virtual QSize sizeHint() const;
    virtual QSize minimumSizeHint() const;

    QSizePolicy sizePolicy() const;
    void setSizePolicy(QSizePolicy);
    inline void setSizePolicy(QSizePolicy::Policy horizontal, QSizePolicy::Policy vertical);
    virtual int heightForWidth(int) const;

    QRegion visibleRegion() const;

    void setContentsMargins(int left, int top, int right, int bottom);
    void getContentsMargins(int *left, int *top, int *right, int *bottom) const;
    QRect contentsRect() const;

    QLayout *layout() const;
    void setLayout(QLayout *);
    void updateGeometry();

    void setParent(QWidget *parent);
    void setParent(QWidget *parent, Qt::WFlags f);

    void scroll(int dx, int dy);
    void scroll(int dx, int dy, const QRect&);

    // Misc. functions

    QWidget *focusWidget() const;
    QWidget *nextInFocusChain() const;

    // drag and drop
    bool acceptDrops() const;
    void setAcceptDrops(bool on);

#ifndef QT_NO_ACTION
    void addAction(QAction *action);
    void addActions(QList<QAction*> actions);
    void insertAction(QAction *before, QAction *action);
    void insertActions(QAction *before, QList<QAction*> actions);
    void removeAction(QAction *action);
    QList<QAction*> actions() const;

    QWidget *parentWidget() const;

    void setWindowFlags(Qt::WindowFlags type);
    inline Qt::WindowFlags windowFlags() const;
    void overrideWindowFlags(Qt::WindowFlags type);

    inline Qt::WindowType windowType() const;

    static QWidget *find(WId);
#ifdef QT3_SUPPORT
    static QT3_SUPPORT QWidgetMapper *wmapper();
    inline QWidget *childAt(int x, int y) const;
    QWidget *childAt(const QPoint &p) const;

#if defined(Q_WS_X11)
    const QX11Info &x11Info() const;
    Qt::HANDLE x11PictureHandle() const;

#if defined(Q_WS_WIN)
    HDC getDC() const;
    void releaseDC(HDC) const;
    Qt::HANDLE handle() const;

    void setAttribute(Qt::WidgetAttribute, bool on = true);
    inline bool testAttribute(Qt::WidgetAttribute) const;

    QPaintEngine *paintEngine() const;

    void ensurePolished() const;

    QInputContext *inputContext();
    void setInputContext(QInputContext *);

    bool isAncestorOf(const QWidget *child) const;

    bool hasEditFocus() const;
    void setEditFocus(bool on);

    bool autoFillBackground() const;
    void setAutoFillBackground(bool enabled);

    void customContextMenuRequested(const QPoint &pos);

    // Event handlers
    bool event(QEvent *);
    virtual void mousePressEvent(QMouseEvent *);
    virtual void mouseReleaseEvent(QMouseEvent *);
    virtual void mouseDoubleClickEvent(QMouseEvent *);
    virtual void mouseMoveEvent(QMouseEvent *);
    virtual void wheelEvent(QWheelEvent *);
    virtual void keyPressEvent(QKeyEvent *);
    virtual void keyReleaseEvent(QKeyEvent *);
    virtual void focusInEvent(QFocusEvent *);
    virtual void focusOutEvent(QFocusEvent *);
    virtual void enterEvent(QEvent *);
    virtual void leaveEvent(QEvent *);
    virtual void paintEvent(QPaintEvent *);
    virtual void moveEvent(QMoveEvent *);
    virtual void resizeEvent(QResizeEvent *);
    virtual void closeEvent(QCloseEvent *);
    virtual void contextMenuEvent(QContextMenuEvent *);
    virtual void tabletEvent(QTabletEvent *);
    virtual void actionEvent(QActionEvent *);

    virtual void dragEnterEvent(QDragEnterEvent *);
    virtual void dragMoveEvent(QDragMoveEvent *);
    virtual void dragLeaveEvent(QDragLeaveEvent *);
    virtual void dropEvent(QDropEvent *);

    virtual void showEvent(QShowEvent *);
    virtual void hideEvent(QHideEvent *);

#if defined(Q_WS_MAC)
    virtual bool macEvent(EventHandlerCallRef, EventRef);
#if defined(Q_WS_WIN)
    virtual bool winEvent(MSG *message, long *result);
#if defined(Q_WS_X11)
    virtual bool x11Event(XEvent *);
#if defined(Q_WS_QWS)
    virtual bool qwsEvent(QWSEvent *);

    // Misc. protected functions
    virtual void changeEvent(QEvent *);

    int metric(PaintDeviceMetric) const;

    virtual void inputMethodEvent(QInputMethodEvent *);
    virtual QVariant inputMethodQuery(Qt::InputMethodQuery) const;
    void resetInputContext();
    void updateMicroFocus();

    void create(WId = 0, bool initializeWindow = true,
                         bool destroyOldWindow = true);
    void destroy(bool destroyWindow = true,
                 bool destroySubWindows = true);

    virtual bool focusNextPrevChild(bool next);
00592     inline bool focusNextChild() { return focusNextPrevChild(true); }
00593     inline bool focusPreviousChild() { return focusNextPrevChild(false); }

    QWidget(QWidgetPrivate &d, QWidget* parent, Qt::WFlags f);

    bool testAttribute_helper(Qt::WidgetAttribute) const;

    friend void qt_syncBackingStore(QWidget *);
    friend void qt_syncBackingStore(QRegion, QWidget *);
    friend void qt_syncBackingStore(QRegion, QWidget *, bool);
    friend class QBackingStoreDevice;
    friend class QWidgetBackingStore;
    friend class QApplication;
    friend class QApplicationPrivate;
    friend class QBaseApplication;
    friend class QPainter;
    friend class QPixmap; // for QPixmap::fill()
    friend class QFontMetrics;
    friend class QFontInfo;
    friend class QETWidget;
    friend class QLayout;
    friend class QWidgetItem;
    friend class QGLContext;
    friend class QX11PaintEngine;
    friend class QWin32PaintEngine;
    friend class QShortcutPrivate;

#ifdef Q_WS_MAC
    friend class QMacSavedPortInfo;
    friend class QQuickDrawPaintEngine;
    friend class QCoreGraphicsPaintEnginePrivate;
    friend QPoint qt_mac_posInWindow(const QWidget *w);
    friend bool qt_mac_is_metal(const QWidget *w);
#ifdef Q_WS_QWS
    friend class QWSManager;
    friend class QWSManagerPrivate;
    friend class QDecoration;


    QWidgetData *data;

#ifdef QT3_SUPPORT
    inline QT3_SUPPORT bool isUpdatesEnabled() const { return updatesEnabled(); }
    QT3_SUPPORT QStyle *setStyle(const QString&);
    inline QT3_SUPPORT bool isVisibleToTLW() const;
    QT3_SUPPORT QRect visibleRect() const;
    inline QT3_SUPPORT void iconify() { showMinimized(); }
    inline QT3_SUPPORT void constPolish() const { ensurePolished(); }
    inline QT3_SUPPORT void polish() { ensurePolished(); }
    inline QT3_SUPPORT void reparent(QWidget *parent, Qt::WFlags f, const QPoint &p, bool showIt=false)
    { setParent(parent, f); setGeometry(p.x(),p.y(),width(),height()); if (showIt) show(); }
    inline QT3_SUPPORT void reparent(QWidget *parent, const QPoint &p, bool showIt=false)
    { setParent(parent, windowFlags() & ~Qt::WindowType_Mask); setGeometry(p.x(),p.y(),width(),height()); if (showIt) show(); }
    inline QT3_SUPPORT void recreate(QWidget *parent, Qt::WFlags f, const QPoint & p, bool showIt=false)
    { setParent(parent, f); setGeometry(p.x(),p.y(),width(),height()); if (showIt) show(); }
    inline QT3_SUPPORT void setSizePolicy(QSizePolicy::Policy hor, QSizePolicy::Policy ver, bool hfw)
    { QSizePolicy sp(hor, ver); sp.setHeightForWidth(hfw); setSizePolicy(sp);}
    inline QT3_SUPPORT bool hasMouse() const { return testAttribute(Qt::WA_UnderMouse); }
#ifndef QT_NO_CURSOR
    inline QT3_SUPPORT bool ownCursor() const { return testAttribute(Qt::WA_SetCursor); }
    inline QT3_SUPPORT bool ownFont() const { return testAttribute(Qt::WA_SetFont); }
    inline QT3_SUPPORT void unsetFont() { setFont(QFont()); }
    inline QT3_SUPPORT bool ownPalette() const { return testAttribute(Qt::WA_SetPalette); }
    inline QT3_SUPPORT void unsetPalette() { setPalette(QPalette()); }
    Qt::BackgroundMode QT3_SUPPORT backgroundMode() const;
    void QT3_SUPPORT setBackgroundMode(Qt::BackgroundMode, Qt::BackgroundMode = Qt::PaletteBackground);
    const QT3_SUPPORT QColor &eraseColor() const;
    void QT3_SUPPORT setEraseColor(const QColor &);
    const QT3_SUPPORT QColor &foregroundColor() const;
    const QT3_SUPPORT QPixmap *erasePixmap() const;
    void QT3_SUPPORT setErasePixmap(const QPixmap &);
    const QT3_SUPPORT QColor &paletteForegroundColor() const;
    void QT3_SUPPORT setPaletteForegroundColor(const QColor &);
    const QT3_SUPPORT QColor &paletteBackgroundColor() const;
    void QT3_SUPPORT setPaletteBackgroundColor(const QColor &);
    const QT3_SUPPORT QPixmap *paletteBackgroundPixmap() const;
    void QT3_SUPPORT setPaletteBackgroundPixmap(const QPixmap &);
    const QT3_SUPPORT QBrush& backgroundBrush() const;
    const QT3_SUPPORT QColor &backgroundColor() const;
    const QT3_SUPPORT QPixmap *backgroundPixmap() const;
    void QT3_SUPPORT setBackgroundPixmap(const QPixmap &);
    QT3_SUPPORT void setBackgroundColor(const QColor &);
    QT3_SUPPORT QColorGroup colorGroup() const;
    QT3_SUPPORT QWidget *parentWidget(bool sameWindow) const;
    inline QT3_SUPPORT void setKeyCompression(bool b) { setAttribute(Qt::WA_KeyCompression, b); }
    inline QT3_SUPPORT void setFont(const QFont &f, bool) { setFont(f); }
    inline QT3_SUPPORT void setPalette(const QPalette &p, bool) { setPalette(p); }
    enum BackgroundOrigin { WidgetOrigin, ParentOrigin, WindowOrigin, AncestorOrigin };
    inline QT3_SUPPORT void setBackgroundOrigin(BackgroundOrigin){};
    inline QT3_SUPPORT BackgroundOrigin backgroundOrigin() const { return WindowOrigin; }
    inline QT3_SUPPORT QPoint backgroundOffset() const { return QPoint(); }
    inline QT3_SUPPORT void repaint(bool) { repaint(); }
    inline QT3_SUPPORT void repaint(int x, int y, int w, int h, bool) { repaint(x,y,w,h); }
    inline QT3_SUPPORT void repaint(const QRect &r, bool) { repaint(r); }
    inline QT3_SUPPORT void repaint(const QRegion &rgn, bool) { repaint(rgn); }
    QT3_SUPPORT void erase();
    inline QT3_SUPPORT void erase(int x, int y, int w, int h) { erase_helper(x, y, w, h); }
    QT3_SUPPORT void erase(const QRect &);
    QT3_SUPPORT void erase(const QRegion &);
    QT3_SUPPORT void drawText(const QPoint &p, const QString &s)
    { drawText_helper(p.x(), p.y(), s); }
    inline QT3_SUPPORT void drawText(int x, int y, const QString &s)
    { drawText_helper(x, y, s); }
    QT3_SUPPORT bool close(bool);
    inline QT3_SUPPORT QWidget *childAt(int x, int y, bool includeThis) const
        QWidget *w = childAt(x, y);
        return w ? w : ((includeThis && rect().contains(x,y))?const_cast<QWidget*>(this):0);
    inline QT3_SUPPORT QWidget *childAt(const QPoint &p, bool includeThis) const
        QWidget *w = childAt(p);
        return w ? w : ((includeThis && rect().contains(p))?const_cast<QWidget*>(this):0);
    inline QT3_SUPPORT void setCaption(const QString &c)   { setWindowTitle(c); }
    QT3_SUPPORT void setIcon(const QPixmap &i);
    inline QT3_SUPPORT void setIconText(const QString &it) { setWindowIconText(it); }
    inline QT3_SUPPORT QString caption() const             { return windowTitle(); }
    QT3_SUPPORT const QPixmap *icon() const;
    inline QT3_SUPPORT QString iconText() const            { return windowIconText(); }
    inline QT3_SUPPORT void setInputMethodEnabled(bool b) { setAttribute(Qt::WA_InputMethodEnabled, b); }
    inline QT3_SUPPORT bool isInputMethodEnabled() const { return testAttribute(Qt::WA_InputMethodEnabled); }
    inline QT3_SUPPORT void setActiveWindow() { activateWindow(); }
    inline QT3_SUPPORT bool isShown() const { return !isHidden(); }
    inline QT3_SUPPORT bool isDialog() const { return windowType() == Qt::Dialog; }
    inline QT3_SUPPORT bool isPopup() const { return windowType() == Qt::Popup; }
    inline QT3_SUPPORT bool isDesktop() const { return windowType() == Qt::Desktop; }

    void drawText_helper(int x, int y, const QString &);
    void erase_helper(int x, int y, int w, int h);
#endif // QT3_SUPPORT

    virtual void styleChange(QStyle&); // compat
    virtual void enabledChange(bool);  // compat
    virtual void paletteChange(const QPalette &);  // compat
    virtual void fontChange(const QFont &); // compat
    virtual void windowActivationChange(bool);  // compat
    virtual void languageChange();  // compat

#if defined Q_CC_MSVC && _MSC_VER < 1300
template <> inline QWidget *qobject_cast_helper<QWidget*>(QObject *o, QWidget *)
    if (!o || !o->isWidgetType()) return 0;
    return (QWidget*)(o);
template <> inline QWidget *qobject_cast<QWidget*>(QObject *o)
    if (!o || !o->isWidgetType()) return 0;
    return static_cast<QWidget*>(o);
template <> inline const QWidget *qobject_cast<const QWidget*>(const QObject *o)
    if (!o || !o->isWidgetType()) return 0;
    return static_cast<const QWidget*>(o);

00762 inline QWidget *QWidget::childAt(int ax, int ay) const
{ return childAt(QPoint(ax, ay)); }

00765 inline Qt::WindowType QWidget::windowType() const
{ return static_cast<Qt::WindowType>(int(data->window_flags & Qt::WindowType_Mask)); }
inline Qt::WindowFlags QWidget::windowFlags() const
{ return data->window_flags; }

00770 inline WId QWidget::winId() const
{ return data->winid; }

00773 inline bool QWidget::isTopLevel() const
{ return (windowType() & Qt::Window); }

00776 inline bool QWidget::isWindow() const
{ return (windowType() & Qt::Window); }

inline bool QWidget::isEnabled() const
{ return !testAttribute(Qt::WA_Disabled); }

inline bool QWidget::isModal() const
{ return data->window_modality != Qt::NonModal; }

00785 inline bool QWidget::isEnabledToTLW() const
{ return isEnabled(); }

inline int QWidget::minimumWidth() const
{ return minimumSize().width(); }

inline int QWidget::minimumHeight() const
{ return minimumSize().height(); }

inline int QWidget::maximumWidth() const
{ return maximumSize().width(); }

inline int QWidget::maximumHeight() const
{ return maximumSize().height(); }

inline void QWidget::setMinimumSize(const QSize &s)
{ setMinimumSize(s.width(),s.height()); }

inline void QWidget::setMaximumSize(const QSize &s)
{ setMaximumSize(s.width(),s.height()); }

inline void QWidget::setSizeIncrement(const QSize &s)
{ setSizeIncrement(s.width(),s.height()); }

inline void QWidget::setBaseSize(const QSize &s)
{ setBaseSize(s.width(),s.height()); }

inline const QFont &QWidget::font() const
{ return data->fnt; }

00815 inline QFontMetrics QWidget::fontMetrics() const
{ return QFontMetrics(data->fnt); }

00818 inline QFontInfo QWidget::fontInfo() const
{ return QFontInfo(data->fnt); }

inline void QWidget::setMouseTracking(bool enable)
{ setAttribute(Qt::WA_MouseTracking, enable); }

inline bool QWidget::hasMouseTracking() const
{ return testAttribute(Qt::WA_MouseTracking); }

00827 inline bool QWidget::underMouse() const
{ return testAttribute(Qt::WA_UnderMouse); }

inline bool QWidget::updatesEnabled() const
{ return !testAttribute(Qt::WA_UpdatesDisabled); }

00833 inline void QWidget::update(int ax, int ay, int aw, int ah)
{ update(QRect(ax, ay, aw, ah)); }

inline bool QWidget::isVisible() const
{ return testAttribute(Qt::WA_WState_Visible); }

00839 inline bool QWidget::isHidden() const
{ return testAttribute(Qt::WA_WState_Hidden); }

00842 inline void QWidget::move(int ax, int ay)
{ move(QPoint(ax, ay)); }

00845 inline void QWidget::resize(int w, int h)
{ resize(QSize(w, h)); }

00848 inline void QWidget::setGeometry(int ax, int ay, int aw, int ah)
{ setGeometry(QRect(ax, ay, aw, ah)); }

inline QRect QWidget::rect() const
{ return QRect(0,0,data->crect.width(),data->crect.height()); }

inline const QRect &QWidget::geometry() const
{ return data->crect; }

inline QSize QWidget::size() const
{ return data->crect.size(); }

inline int QWidget::width() const
{ return data->crect.width(); }

inline int QWidget::height() const
{ return data->crect.height(); }

00866 inline QWidget *QWidget::parentWidget() const
{ return static_cast<QWidget *>(QObject::parent()); }

00869 inline void QWidget::setSizePolicy(QSizePolicy::Policy hor, QSizePolicy::Policy ver)
{ setSizePolicy(QSizePolicy(hor, ver)); }

00872 inline bool QWidget::testAttribute(Qt::WidgetAttribute attribute) const
    if (attribute < int(8*sizeof(uint)))
        return data->widget_attributes & (1<<attribute);
    return testAttribute_helper(attribute);

#ifdef QT3_SUPPORT
inline bool QWidget::isVisibleToTLW() const
{ return isVisible(); }
inline QWidget *QWidget::parentWidget(bool sameWindow) const
    if (sameWindow && isWindow())
        return 0;
    return static_cast<QWidget *>(QObject::parent());
inline QColorGroup QWidget::colorGroup() const
{ return QColorGroup(palette()); }
inline void QWidget::setPaletteForegroundColor(const QColor &c)
{ QPalette p = palette(); p.setColor(foregroundRole(), c); setPalette(p); }
inline const QBrush& QWidget::backgroundBrush() const { return palette().brush(backgroundRole()); }
inline void QWidget::setBackgroundPixmap(const QPixmap &pm)
{ QPalette p = palette(); p.setBrush(backgroundRole(), QBrush(pm)); setPalette(p); }
inline const QPixmap *QWidget::backgroundPixmap() const { return 0; }
inline void QWidget::setBackgroundColor(const QColor &c)
{ QPalette p = palette(); p.setColor(backgroundRole(), c); setPalette(p); }
inline const QColor & QWidget::backgroundColor() const { return palette().color(backgroundRole()); }
inline const QColor &QWidget::foregroundColor() const { return palette().color(foregroundRole());}
inline const QColor &QWidget::eraseColor() const { return palette().color(backgroundRole()); }
inline void QWidget::setEraseColor(const QColor &c)
{ QPalette p = palette(); p.setColor(backgroundRole(), c); setPalette(p); }
inline const QPixmap *QWidget::erasePixmap() const { return 0; }
inline void QWidget::setErasePixmap(const QPixmap &pm)
{ QPalette p = palette(); p.setBrush(backgroundRole(), QBrush(pm)); setPalette(p); }
inline const QColor &QWidget::paletteForegroundColor() const { return palette().color(foregroundRole());}
inline const QColor &QWidget::paletteBackgroundColor() const { return palette().color(backgroundRole()); }
inline void QWidget::setPaletteBackgroundColor(const QColor &c)
{ QPalette p = palette(); p.setColor(backgroundRole(), c); setPalette(p); }
inline const QPixmap *QWidget::paletteBackgroundPixmap() const
{ return 0; }
inline void QWidget::setPaletteBackgroundPixmap(const QPixmap &pm)
{ QPalette p = palette(); p.setBrush(backgroundRole(), QBrush(pm)); setPalette(p); }
inline QT3_SUPPORT void QWidget::erase() { erase_helper(0, 0, data->crect.width(), data->crect.height()); }
inline QT3_SUPPORT void QWidget::erase(const QRect &r) { erase_helper(r.x(), r.y(), r.width(), r.height()); }

#define QWIDGETSIZE_MAX ((1<<24)-1)

#endif // QWIDGET_H

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