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QBool QStringList::contains ( const QString str,
Qt::CaseSensitivity  cs = Qt::CaseSensitive 
) const [inline]

Returns true if the list contains the string str. Does a case insensitive search if cs is Qt::CaseSensitive, otherwise the search will be case insensitive.

Definition at line 136 of file qstringlist.h.

Referenced by QSqlDatabase::drivers(), QMimeData::hasFormat(), QFont::insertSubstitution(), QFont::insertSubstitutions(), QSqlDatabase::isDriverAvailable(), QHttpHeader::keys(), QStyleFactory::keys(), QDropEvent::provides(), Q3TextEdit::scrollToAnchor(), QSqlRelationalTableModel::selectStatement(), QClipboard::text(), and QFontDialog::updateFamilies().

    return QtPrivate::QStringList_contains(this, str, cs);

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