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QLatin1String Class Reference

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Detailed Description

The QLatin1String class provides a thin wrapper around an ASCII/Latin-1 encoded string literal.

Many of QString's member functions are overloaded to accept {const char *} instead of QString. This includes the copy constructor, the assignment operator, the comparison operators, and various other functions such as insert() , replace(), and indexOf(). These functions are usually optimized to avoid constructing a QString object for the {const char *} data. For example, assuming str is a QString,

        if (str == "auto" || str == "extern"
                || str == "static" || str == "register") {

is much faster than

        if (str == QString("auto") || str == QString("extern")
                || str == QString("static") || str == QString("register")) {

because it doesn't construct four temporary QString objects and make a deep copy of the character data.

Applications that define QT_NO_CAST_FROM_ASCII (as explained in the QString documentation) don't have access to QString's {const char *} API. To provide an efficient way of specifying constant Latin-1 strings, Qt provides the QLatin1String, which is just a very thin wrapper around a {const char *}. Using QLatin1String, the example code above becomes

        if (str == QLatin1String("auto")
                || str == QLatin1String("extern")
                || str == QLatin1String("static")
                || str == QLatin1String("register") {

This is a bit longer to type, but it provides exactly the same benefits as the first version of the code, and is faster than converting the Latin-1 strings using QString::fromLatin1().

Thanks to the QString(const QLatin1String &) constructor, QLatin1String can be used everywhere a QString is expected. For example:

        QLabel *label = new QLabel(QLatin1String("MOD"), this);

See also:
QString, QLatin1Char

Definition at line 509 of file qstring.h.

Public Member Functions

const char * latin1 () const
bool operator!= (const QString &s) const
bool operator< (const QString &s) const
bool operator<= (const QString &s) const
QLatin1Stringoperator= (const QLatin1String &other)
bool operator== (const QString &s) const
bool operator> (const QString &s) const
bool operator>= (const QString &s) const
 QLatin1String (const char *s)

Private Attributes

const char * chars

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