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QString QKeyEvent::text (  )  const [inline]

Returns the Unicode text that this key generated. The text returned can be an empty string in cases where modifier keys, such as Shift, Control, Alt, and Meta, are being pressed or released. In such cases key() will contain a valid value.

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Definition at line 196 of file qevent.h.

Referenced by QLineEdit::keyPressEvent(), Q3Table::keyPressEvent(), Q3ListView::keyPressEvent(), QAbstractItemView::keyPressEvent(), QAbstractSpinBox::keyPressEvent(), QComboBox::keyPressEvent(), Q3IconView::keyPressEvent(), QTextEdit::keyPressEvent(), Q3ComboBox::keyPressEvent(), Q3ListBox::keyPressEvent(), QDateTimeEdit::keyPressEvent(), QMenu::keyPressEvent(), QMenuBar::keyPressEvent(), and Q3TextEdit::keyPressEvent().

{ return txt; }

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