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void QInputMethodEvent::setCommitString ( const QString commitString,
int  replaceFrom = 0,
int  replaceLength = 0 

Sets the commit string to commitString.

The commit string is the text that should get added to (or replace parts of) the text of the editor widget. It usually is a result of the input operations and has to be inserted to the widgets text directly before the preedit string.

If the commit string should replace parts of the of the text in the editor, replaceLength specifies the number of characters to be replaced. replaceFrom specifies the position at which characters are to be replaced relative from the start of the preedit string.

See also:
commitString(), replacementStart(), replacementLength()

Definition at line 1480 of file qevent.cpp.

    commit = commitString;
    replace_from = replaceFrom;
    replace_length = replaceLength;

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