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QWidget * QDropEvent::source (  )  const

If the source of the drag operation is a widget in this application, this function returns that source; otherwise it returns 0. The source of the operation is the first parameter to the QDrag object used instantiate the drag.

This is useful if your widget needs special behavior when dragging to itself.

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Definition at line 2043 of file qevent.cpp.

Referenced by Q3Table::contentsDragEnterEvent(), Q3Table::contentsDragMoveEvent(), Q3IconView::contentsDragMoveEvent(), Q3TextEdit::contentsDropEvent(), Q3IconView::contentsDropEvent(), QListView::dragMoveEvent(), QTextEdit::dropEvent(), QLineEdit::dropEvent(), and QListView::dropEvent().

    QDragManager *manager = QDragManager::self();
    return manager ? manager->source() : 0;

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