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QDragMoveEvent::QDragMoveEvent ( const QPoint pos,
Qt::DropActions  actions,
const QMimeData data,
Qt::MouseButtons  buttons,
Qt::KeyboardModifiers  modifiers,
Type  type = DragMove 

Creates a QDragMoveEvent of the required type indicating that the mouse is at position pos given within a widget.

The mouse and keyboard states are specified by buttons and modifiers, and the actions describe the types of drag and drop operation that are possible. The drag data is passed as MIME-encoded information in data.

Do not attempt to create a QDragMoveEvent yourself. These objects rely on Qt's internal state.

Definition at line 1847 of file qevent.cpp.

    : QDropEvent(pos, actions, data, buttons, modifiers, type)
    , rect(pos, QSize(1, 1))

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