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void QAbstractFormBuilder::setupColorGroup ( QPalette palette,
QPalette::ColorGroup  colorGroup,
DomColorGroup *  group 
) [protected, inherited]

For internal use only.

Definition at line 965 of file abstractformbuilder.cpp.

References QList< T >::at(), QPalette::setColor(), and QList< T >::size().

Referenced by QAbstractFormBuilder::toVariant().

    QList<DomColor*> colors = group->elementColor();
    for (int role = 0; role < colors.size(); ++role) {
        DomColor *color = colors.at(role);
        QColor c(color->elementRed(), color->elementGreen(), color->elementBlue());
        palette.setColor(colorGroup, QPalette::ColorRole(role), c); // ### TODO: support the QPalette::ColorRole as string

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